Bathroom Door

Book-matched lower panel
Book-matched upper panel
Template for Arched Panel
Template for Arched Rail
Rail End Detail
Stiles Edge Routing
Arched rail cut
Routing arched rail
Rail router bit
Arched panel cut
Arch template
Dry-fit arch rail
Dry-fit bottom rail
Glue up complete
Finish applied
Bookmatch detail
Hinge template
Door hung
Handle detail
Door ajar

This is a solid cherry door I made for our basement bathroom. It's the first door I've made and is unique because the upper and lower panels are book-matched. That is, they're taken from a single board, sawn in two and then glued on edge so the grain is symetric about the center line.

The door is 32" wide and 1 3/8" thick. It was constructed by laminating boards together to obtain this thickness. Rails and stile attachment was reinforced with dowels in addition to the edge gluing. In addition, small rubber "balls" were inserted around each of the panels, in the grooves, to prevent rattling of the panels as the door closes.

Assembly required the arched upper panel be inserted first and then the rectangular lower panel could be slid into place before the last stile was attached

After sanding to 220 grit paper, it was sealed with a coat of General Finishes Seal-a-Cell. After this, it was buffed with 0000 (four-ot) steel wool. After this, I applied four coats of semi-gloss General Finishes Arm-R-Seal followed by a fifth coat of satin finish.

The handle and latch are the Medici lever set from Emtek.

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