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These are my first efforts at turning (after making the handles for some of my turning tools). I made these to commemorate 25 years of Christmas caroling with friends. The larger, 24" mill I gave to the restaurant where we sing (and to repay an old debt ;-).

The peppermills were created by laminating different thicknesses of 3" wide walnut, maple, bubinga, cherry and purpleheart. I then cut the slabs on the bias into 3" wide strips yielding 3"x3"x12" or 3"x3"x24" stock.

The mills were turned to cylinders between centers and then 2"-3" was separated off the end of the cylinder for the "ball" of the grinder. Next I mounted them in a chuck, drilled out a recess in the bottom for the grinding mechanism and hollowed out the length of the cylinder with a 1" forstner bit mounted in a Jacob's chuck in the tailstock. This proved to be a bit of a challenge for the larger, 24" peppermill, requiring several bit extenders. It also required that I build myself a steadyrest to support the 24" cylinder while I hollowed it out.

I then turned the profile on the body of the mill and finished it with Hut's CrystalCoat. The grinding "ball" was then turned and a 1/4" hole drilled in it to accept the turning mechanism. This was likewise finished on the lathe. I got most of my information from the following links:

I purchased the grinder mechanisms from Chef Specialties


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