Vanity for Vessel Sink

Pegged Tenons
Closeup of Pegs
Dutchman Across
Bark Inclusion
Fully Assembled
In Place
Closeup of Top
With Vessel
Lights On

This is a vanity or platform for a vessel (stone) sink in our basement bathroom. It is constructed of cherry with contrasting walnut pegs and inlays. The top, sides and back are 2.5" cherry slabs with natural edges. With the exception of some rare earth magnets to hold the plumbing panel closed, there are no mechanical fasteners. Another high-tech concession was to install leveling legs on the sides to insure it was level. Everything is mortise & tenon and/or pegs.

It's reminiscent of pieces by George Nakashima and was inspired by a similar piece at the "over-priced luxury kitchen & bath retailer" priced at $3500. Yet another time when saying "I can do that" saves me some money and gives me something to do. Nakashima was known for using bow-tie shaped "dutchmen" to hold defects in the wood together as well as for visual effect.

After sanding, the piece was finished with Waterlox sealer and finish. The top has four coats and then a final waxing for protection from spills. Most difficult part was getting angled mortises and tenons through 2.5" of hard cherry and then pegging around defects in the wood.

So far, my wife hasn't figured out what's wrong with it :-)

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