The following are various bits of "wisdom", both humorous and otherwise I've collected over the years. I've divided it up into groups:

Warm & Fuzzy

Most Important Question Pickup in the Rain A Little Boy
The Obstacle in Our Path Giving Blood A True Test
The Teacher Buying Daddy Look at the View
Grandpa's Table Why Women Cry Friendship
I've Learned Learning Through the Ages The Trouble Tree
The Divine Plan Life Saver The Yellow Shirt
The Parable of the Spoons The Brick No Left Turns
Blue Ribbon Grace Attitude


Two Rules Dog's Life Big Rocks First
A Great Man Hell A Cowboy's Guide to Life
Military The Present Gone Fishing
Sunscreen Paradox Railway Gauges
Things to Remember Noah's Ark Summit of Years
New Century Corporate Lessons Only in America
Lip Prints Wealth Instructions for Life
Bill Gates Words to Live By Feeding Time
Good Night Mom Marine Corps Management Pleasing Everyone
The Station Philosophy Lesson Thoughts
Southern Wisdom Hole in My Sidewalk Pay Attention


I Hope Accumulated Wisdom Price of Children
Why Have Kids? Important Parenting Tips What Does Love Mean?

Politics (not for liberals)

Not Yours To Give Winning the Cultural War The Fourteenth House Manager's Closing Argument
Kosovo - The Big Muddy Columbine High School The New Bill of Rights
What Happened? Frugal Government Tax Cuts
Commencement Monday Night at Morton's


Office Prayer Life as a Male Dog Quotes
What I've Learned Paraprosdokian Sentences Chickens
Cowboy Tombstone


Thank You John This Too Shall Pass Glen's Eulogy for Dad

Random Thoughts

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